Outstanding Value

High Quality Performers

Every professional that IT Intellectuals provides to our clients has been fully screened and vetted for that assignment. We provide experts in a variety of backgrounds, including Information Technology, Accounting and Finance, Engineering and Healthcare. While screening each candidate, we check them for more than just technical skills or certifications. We also gauge their personalities, career goals, ambitions, and work habits – for just having the right skills listed on a resume does not mean they will fit in to your environment. To provide “Great People”, we must first do a “Great Job” of understanding your needs.

Experienced Account Management

Understanding your needs fully is the primary responsibility of our Account Managers who are trained to carefully define each new requirement as well as our client’s work environment. They will gather all the necessary data points to insure we are searching for professionals with the best possible fit. The IT Intellectuals Account Manager, along with our Human Resources department, is also trained to handle all employee related issues that may arise. As a result, such issues are transparent to you so you can focus on what’s important to your business.

Customized Recruiting Process

IT Intellectuals has a proven, global recruiting process and a major part of our success is based upon our belief in dedicated recruiting teams. Each of our clients enjoys the dedicated service of experienced recruiters who have the ability to customize a recruiting approach specific to each unique need. Our recruiters are specialized in how they operate, what they need and how they conduct searches, interviews, etc. This shortens the overall recruiting cycle and vastly improves quality.

Excellent Employee Care

In addition to being able to deliver great people to our clients, we also enjoy excellent loyalty among our staff. We offer our employees an excellent benefits package that includes: Blue Cross Medical Insurance, Blue Cross Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance, 401K Program, Long term and Short Term Disability Insurance and Visa and Green Card Sponsorship (for qualified individuals). These benefits enhance Employee Satisfaction, improve retention and work to minimize any potential disruption of service.

Outstanding Value

IT Intellectuals works to continuously find ways to become more productive and cost-efficient. In doing so, we are better able to provide a very competitive solution. Many providers of staffing services try to support dozens of individual offices with staff in each. Our model is based on services that are significantly centralized in order to maximize performance and reduce cost. The savings are then offered to you – our client.