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source url IT Intellectuals RFID solution for pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors helps to resolve issues such as:

  • Counterfeit protection to protect the safety of products and the public health as drugs travel throughout the entire supply chain
  • Compliance Regulatory to provide the ability to create a complete electronic pedigree automatically, without human intervention, without adding labor costs
  • Rapid and cost-effective recalls and provide the ability to instantly and automatically identify the location of product that must be recalled

enter site Also, our RFID solution provides risk management and operational efficiencies that ultimately contribute to the company’s bottom line through:

  • Increase in productivity due to higher levels of automation
  • Increase traceability of products to protect against events that can reduce the value of the brand, including counterfeiting, recalls, diversion, tampering and theft
  • Elimination of manual paperwork and data entry to track prescription drugs moving through the supply chain
  • Secured data in the RFID tag adds to the elimination of unauthorized alteration