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Using offshore development facilities for Application Development projects and Application Management projects leads to great savings in costs. For application development projects, a number of activities in the System development Life Cycle can be carried out Offshore.

The following table shows the activities that are suited for offshore implementation.

SDLC Phase On-Site Offshore
Analysis 15-20 %
Design 3 – 5 %
Build 25 – 30 %
Test 2 – 5 % 18 – 20 %
Design 5 – 6 % 5 – 6 %


Depending upon the nature of project and client preferences, this can result in 20 to 50 % cost saving in the project.

Application maintenance projects are amenable to complete offshore implementation. A number of corporations have established their call centers offshore and out sourced their implementation, operations and maintenance.

IT Intellectuals has an excellent state of the art offshore development facility with qualified and highly technical staff supported by a secure, reliable and fast network access with full provisions for Disaster Recovery.

IT Intellectuals has partnered with Intellectual IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (India) for most of its 0ffshore offerings. Offices and facilities for Intellectual IT Solutions are located in Noida (UP) and Bangalore (Karnataka).

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