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IT Intellectuals RFID solution for Library Management is designed to manage the tracking, distribution, circulation and flow of library materials.

A RFID system overcomes the limitations of bar-coding as it does not require a line-of-sight and automatically collects data in real-time. It facilitates simultaneous multiple object identification, tracking, sorting and organizing which will tremendously improve the efficiency of librarians.

Key Benefits Drivers For The Library Administrator:

  • Enables self-service by library patrons thus improving manpower utilization
  • Faster item turnover
  • Accurate tracking and tracing of borrowed items
  • Automated sorting, thus eliminating human error
  • Quickly locate specific or misplaced articles using the RFID handheld scanner
  • Automatic and real-time update of database
  • Anti-Theft (EAS) gates to safeguard items from leaving the library

Key Benefits Drivers For Library User:

  • Instant 24-hours book drop
  • No more queuing, shorter waiting time at borrowing point or returning point
  • Touch screen self-service checkouts
  • Improve on-the-shelf availability of items
  • Instant update of loans through book drop, user can borrow immediately