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Knowledge Management

According to Forrester Research 2001, employees spend over 40% of their time just looking for the information they need to do their jobs effectively. Moreover, they are often frustrated when that information cannot be accurately found, or the latest version is not available, or they don’t even know it exists.

IT Intellectuals knowledge management solutions are designed for today’s information-driven economy, where companies uncover the most opportunities – and ultimately derive the most value – from intellectual rather than physical assets. To get the most value from a company’s intellectual assets, our solutions helps share the knowledge and serve as the foundation for collaboration.

Our effective Knowledge Management solution include increase in employee productivity, enhanced internal collaboration, capture and utilization of business Intelligence, informed and better decisions and harvesting of the vast expertise of corporate human capital to share what’s going on in their heads.

Our experience also includes customization, configuration and enhancements of Knowledge Management components for access management, knowledge classification, content management, collaboration, text mining search and validation.