Infrastructure Support

Ensuring smooth day-to-day system management


since 1999 with an excellent track record of success in serving Fortune 1000 companies.

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Infrastructure Support

IT Intellectuals solutions in Infrastructure include Database, Network & System design and administration.

We offer:

  • Predictable, repeatable, and automated day-to-day system management.
  • Efficient management of physical environments and infrastructure tools.
  • Controlled release and change management, and accurate inventory tracking of all IT services and systems.
  • Quality customer support and a service culture.
  • Protected corporate assets, controlled authorization to systems and information, and proactive planning for emergency response.
  • Efficient and cost-effective, mutually beneficial relationships with service and supply partners.

Our documented best practices data center operations methodologies will reduce Total Cost of Ownership by use of:

  • A proactive maintenance approach
  • Automated systems administration
  • Mass production
  • Mass customization