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click As automakers adopt such revolutionary initiatives as mass customization, the Five-Day Car and Telematics (for applications like safety and navigation features, wireless access to the Web etc.), they are becoming increasingly focused on consolidating their entire value chain from product design to manufacturing, assembly, retail and after-market service. IT Intellectuals has helped automotive manufacturers and parts suppliers to achieve the above goals by helping them build software applications such as:

  • Customer facing applications like Customer Relations Management (CRM) for one-on-one client relationship
  • e-commerce storefronts that automate sales and marketing functions enabling faster customer self-service
  • Safety and navigation applications
  • Information services through wireless access
  • Supplier facing applications Supply chain Management (SCM)
  • Distribution Network Management and in-house applications like Collaborative Product Development (CPD), Product Data Management (PDM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Demand Forecasting
  • RFID enabled automotive solution