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What is RFID?

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) consists of a system that transmits the identity (typically a unique serial number) of an object using radio frequency waves.

What are RFID Tags?

A RFID tag consists of a microchip, antenna and/or battery, thereby making the tag passive or active. The tags can be packaged in various forms such as paper labels, buttons, and industrial epoxy molded forms to meet the different user applications.

What are RFID Readers?

To read the data stored in the RFID tag, a hardware device called a Reader is used. The RFID reader uses one or more antennas to emit radio waves to the tags and receives the data. This data is then passed to an application on a computer and made into meaningful information.


What is meant by Edgeware/Middleware?

In some implementations, typically those which require multiple installations of reader infrastructure, the use of an edgeware/middleware will ease the challenge of the RFID deployment. An edgeware/middleware provides a common interface for managing and configuring RFID hardware from various vendors. It also allows users to easily monitor and manage their RFID device infrastructure. Business process components can be defined and sequenced to create complex integration processes with enterprise applications.

Are there accepted and established RFID Standards?

There are international standards for specific applications, such as for payment systems and for contact-less smart cards (ISO 14443 and ISO 15693), which require encryption to keep data secure. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is also working on standards for tracking goods in the supply chain using high-frequency tags (ISO 18000-3) and ultra-high frequency tags (ISO 18000-6).