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IT Intellectuals works closely with auto manufacturers and suppliers to deploy RFID technology in the area of asset management, process automation and supply chain optimization. RFID enables real-time visibility of physical parts across multiple sites synchronized with data flow, thus streamlining the supply chain.

Areas of RFID deployment include:

  • A Tier 3 auto supplier and parts and asset tracking between DC and assembly plants
  • RFID Asset Tracking for Customer/Supplier supply chain inventory management
  • Automation of tools and machine loaning process
  • Asset track and trace

Our RFID technology solution in the automotive supply chain helps to achieve benefits such as:

  • Automates delivery process and workflow
  • Eliminates paper work and manual data inputs
  • Improve asset utilization and turnaround
  • Automated replenishment alerts once inventory falls below safety quantity
  • Automatic prior intimation to suppliers of needed items
  • Automatically generate reorder points for each item
  • Real-time report of item history and audit trail to improve process control
  • Eliminate surplus inventory
  • Reduce order processing time